The principal activity fields of the company Tóth és Fiai Kft.

Vehicle seats manufacturing:

Manufacturing, renewing and implantation of seats for cars,
Manufacturing, renewing and implantation of seats for utility vehicles,
Manufacturing, renewing and implantation of seats for coachs and buses (for tourists, schools, workers, and cities),
Elaboration, manufacturing and implantation of individual seats for vehicles,

Modification, enlargement and repairing of vehicles:

Modification and transformation (glassing, insulating, internal draping, flooring) of utility vehicles till the capacity of 9 persons. (Wheel drums protection, grills, back-wall, audio system, standing heating, climatization devices, etc.)
Elaboration of busses till the capacity of 10 ~ 22 persons, with the technical content according to buyer's expectations, from the luxury level till a simplier (worker's bus) finishing with total execution,
Implantation of obstacle clearing devices in the vehicles,

Body construction elaboration:

Elaboration and modification of internal cargo-bed for special exigences (service and workshop vans or lories, mobile work-points),
Cargo room thermo insulation for vehicles with closed cargo-bed (for instance food transportation with or without refrigerator),
Body construction elaboration for vehicles having automotive frame (for instance normal or tilting platform, tilted cargo-room, insulated box cargo-room with or without refrigerator).

Implantation of cooling, heating or audio-visual devices:

Implantation and repairing of complete climatizations for driver-room, passenger's room, or cargo-room,
Implantation of water or air system complementary standing-heating or radiator devices,
Implantation of audio and picture technical devices in vehicles,

Foamed sponge and plastic manufacturing:

Seat-parts manufacturing made of PUR foamed-sponge, (sitting-platform, back-support, arm-beck, head-back),
Manufacturing of composit products (fiberglass plastics), and parts or subunits,

Surface protections, coating systems:

Elektrostatic powder-colouring,
Line-X special two component surface protecting and coating system for the most wide utilization circle in vehicles, particularly in the case of vehicles for food transportation ( elaboration of external and internal surfaces, car-frame protection, protection against corrosion, elaboration of easy cleaneble, washeable and antisepticable coatings having no air-spaces, in the wanted colour, and 1~6 mm. layer thickness),
Elaboration of Line-X coat-works on the building roof systems, for new roofs and for renewings,

Presentation of our company
Short historical apercu:

The predecesor in title has founded the company in 1980.

In the same time with coming of utility vehicles, in 1994 we started the manufacturing and the renewing of universal vehicle seats, the internal modification and tapestry of vehicles.

In 1998, on a new site, we created a 1200 m2workshop.

In 1999 we have elaborated a complete tecnological process for vehicle modification to obtain buses having the capacity under 22 persons, and their elaboration according to buyer's expectations.

In 2000 we put on the market our new product, the M-1 category of car-seats family.

In 2001 we started a new investment: we have built a new 700 m2 workshop + a 400 m2 office building containing auxiliary infrastructures.

In 2002, in the same time with the creation of technological conditions for the serial manufacturing, we elaborated a new designed bus-seat family.

In 2004, as a result of our own development, on the frame of double cabined automotive lorries, we elborated a body construction having the external shell system made of fiberglass plastic.

The application of Line-X coating system technology introduced at the begining of 2007 created new opportunities in the field of vehicle body constructions.

At the begining of 2009, our company started a new development. We have started the serial manufacturing and commercialisation of fresh farm milk and other drinks dosage devices being our own conception and elaboration.


According to our business philosophy, we are continuously develeoping our technological and professional back-ground, in order to get the wanted level which can insure the realisation of prestations having the appropriate quality, the increasing of our company market-values and the continuous amelioration of our clients' more and more satisfaction.

The managers being in the same time also the owners of the company Tóth és Fiai Co. Ltd. are motivated and are doing their best in order to assure the good working of the company and to maintain the continuous employment of all their staff.

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